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CISO Think Tank London
March 1, 2017

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View detailsKeynote Presentation

Visionary speaker presents to entire audience on key issues, challenges and business opportunities

View detailsExecutive Visions

Panel moderated by Master of Ceremonies and headed by three to four executives discussing critical business topics

View detailsThought Leadership

Solution provider-led session giving high-level overview of opportunities

View detailsThink Tank

End user-led session in roundtable style, focusing on best practices

View detailsExecutive Boardroom

Interactive session led by a moderator, focused on industry issue

View detailsExecutive Exchange

Pre-determined, one-on-one interaction revolving around solutions of interest

View detailsFireside Chat

Discussion of business drivers within a particular industry area

View detailsAnalyst Q&A Session

Moderator-led coverage of the latest industry research

View detailsVendor Showcase

Several brief, pointed overviews of the newest solutions and services

View detailsCase Study

Overview of recent project successes and failures

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Informal discussions on pre-determined topics

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Unique activities at once relaxing, enjoyable and productive

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - CISO Think Tank London

5:30 pm
6:30 pm

Registration & Greeting

6:30 pm
6:45 pm

Welcome & Introductions

Meet your peers and our hosts RelianceACSN

6:45 pm
7:15 pm

Pre-Dinner Discussion

How to Thrive in the Security Market Today

We live in a world today where connectivity and electronic communications between businesses and clients, as well as other businesses, is an expectation and a foregone conclusion. But this extreme level of connectivity and communication creates an environment that is ripe for exposure and breach. As a result, security incidents are occurring at an ever-increasing rate, and the magnitude and severity of those exposures is increasing. A significant contributing factor to this rising tide of security breaches is the fact that our current security approaches simply aren't integrated enough, and simply aren't keeping up. All however is not yet lost, though it may seem perilously close, time still exists to invest in a paradigm shift towards a new security approach that will allow businesses to not just survive, but thrive.

7:15 pm
9:00 pm

Dinner & Discussion

A Selection of Dinner-Time Discussions, Including:

The conflict between a business-first versus security-first approach:

  • Business must move quickly, but security sometimes need to move slowly
  • Are CISO's too focused on the trees to really be able to see the forest?

The impact organizational diversity has on security and the risk of breach:

  • People are often the weakest link in the enterprise security chain
  • Racial, gender, and age differences can all compromise the communication of the security message

Determining where true accountability lies and understanding what reporting is required to support it:

  • Increasingly security is no longer just a CISO issue, but does it reside instead with the CIO, the CEO or the Board?
  • The complexity of the security problem makes communicating issues difficult; are the right reporting tools in place or even available?